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New news on the new library!

The new library located in Birmingam is carrying on with building more and more parts of the libary each day.The progress on the library is rapid and we should hopefully keep involved in the progress from the Birmingham city council library’s website Personally I think the new Birmingham library is going to be awsome.  All of the picturesI have seen make me want to know more about the library.

This has been another blog from Raheem please keep in touch for more.


Group Session on the 14th of November- Waverley school

We have spilt into 4 groups here are the members:

Recorders:Ibrar, Saima, Maryam and Wajid.

Curators:Ishmail, Hasnain, Rafa and Fatima.

Archivists:Khalid, Adeel and Yusuf.

and finally we have the Communicators: Marya, Arbaz and Reyanne.

We would like to say what we have learnt on Monday 14th November at Birmingham Central Library.

The Recording group have learnt a few ways to record information. They learnt how to have a successful interview.They have learnt useful tips for a good interview.

The Archivists have learnt how to put information onto a computer program. The learnt how to sort categories and subcategories.

The Curators have learnt how to describe pictures and to describe the purpose of a picture. They also compared children’s lives today to the past.

The Communicators learnt about blogging and how to advertise an exhibition.

We are looking forward to continueing our project.

Signed: Marya and Reyanne.


Waverley School communicators officially start

On Monday 14th November Waverley School communicating team officially started blogging about the upcoming events and features. The communicators, Arbaz, Marya and Reyanne have now started gathering info and have added to the mind map that Four Dwellings communicators Lucy and Raheem had started.

Here are the updated mindmaps:

Young Communicators!

It was my first session with the group from Four Dwellings High School today – I had so much fun meeting Raheem (Bob!) and Lucy and talking about the role we would play in the project.  We have such an important task – telling everyone inside the project (the curators, archivists, recorders groups at each school) and everyone outside the project (the public) – about what is going on.  Plus – planning the launch party for the exhibition! We made a mind map of all the different things we’d need to do:-

Communications tasks mindmap

To start with our main task will be writing the blog.  To gather information we will start interviewing people in other groups to find out what they are doing and why, and taking pictures of what they are getting up to.  We looked at a selection of blogs, newspapers and magazines and talked about the skills needed to make these sorts of publications.  We’re going to need some of the same skills for our blog! We started on a mind map about journalists and bloggers:-

Journalists and Bloggers Mindmap

Lucy and Raheem then wrote their own first blog post about the project and went away ready to interview young people from the other groups about their progress.

I’m looking forward to meeting the communications team from Waverly School next week!


Young Curators

Today, pupils from Four Dwellings High School came to the library to get started on the Young People’s Archive – thanks to Raheem and Lucy for their first blog post! I worked with Bathsheba, Shelly and Tia, who are going to be the exhibition curators.

Children's Lives Young Curators

We had a really productive meeting, discussing what curators actually do and things that they liked and disliked about exhibitions. The girls then worked together to arrange some images into themes and then each wrote a label for an image. We then discussed ideas for the exhibition space – the girls all had brilliant ideas of the kinds of things they’d like to include – it’s going to look great! Finally, the whole group went back to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to look at the space again. All of the pupils were really impressed with the stunning Lost in Lace exhibition and I think everyone went away feeling really enthusiastic about the coming months. Watch this space!


The communicators have started !

The communicators Lucy and Raheem have today started to work on being  journalists and tasks that we have to achieve. Our main tasks are writing  our blog and launching our event that will take place in March 2012 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This has been our first blog stay tuned for more.We will be involving the other groups information in our blogs.

This is goodbye from Lucy and Raheem.

Children's Lives Young Communicators

Strike a Pose!

BA&H: wk-b11-5163

Documentary photography workshops started in school this week, the second of our skills training workshops for the young people creating and curating the 21st century part of Children’s Lives.

Last week we focussed on story telling skills, how to listen to the stories of others and how to tell the stories of your own life in a confident way with lots of description and detail.  See Juliet Fry’s Blog post for more details.

Re-visiting some of the photographs we had seen in collections in the archives a couple of weeks ago was useful, both for reminding us of images we liked and for triggering a discussion on which photos were effective in telling a story of the past. Everyone seemed drawn to a different style of photo and it gave us a sense that there were many ways to take a documentary photo and many different styles to consider when trying to capture something that may tell us things in the future. We considered landscape photos (Warwickshire Photographic Survey), posed studio photos (Dyche Collection), school photos (Waverley School Collection), photos taken by charities working with poor children in early 1900s and more contemporary photographs by Vanley Burke and George Hallett. The focus for the workshop was thinking about how we could capture our own documentary photos for the project and how to select the right photo that would say something about the contemporary life of young people. We had a good discussion on whether posed or natural photos were more effective as documentary photos and which of these styles would tell more about the lives of young people in Birmingham now.

There was just time to practice taking a few photos in the playground and around school and to have a chat about photography permission forms before our session came to an end.

With half term next week, the idea is that the young people on the project will have some time to start documenting their lives through photography, where they go, who they hang out with, what sports, clubs and activities they do, what it’s like living in their house, down their street, in that area of the city. Keep a look out for the results…..