Archive and Museum Collections are great ways to find out about the past. We can learn about many different heritages and histories from these collections. However, one thing that we feel is that the voices of young people are generally not well represented. The aim of the Young People’s Archive part of the Children’s Lives project is to begin to fill in the gaps so that there are more young people’s histories and experiences reflected in the archives. An important part of this project is that these experiences and stories are told and recorded by the young people themselves.

In addition to this blog, there is also the Children’s Lives blog, which will provide regular updates on the wider project.

The pupils

Year 8 pupils from  Four Dwellings High School and Waverley School will participate in the project.

The project team at Archives & Heritage

The involvement of young people in the project will be run by Izzy Mohammed and Nikki Thorpe, Outreach & Learning officers at Birmingham Archives & Heritage.

Dr Nicola Gauld and Brigitte Winsor at Birmingham Archives & Heritage will manage the website and blog.

Header image used with kind permission of Vanley Burke. Not for reproduction.


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