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Hello blog viewers! Tonight at 5 o’clock at the birmingham museum and art gallery we will be opening our exhibition. During this exhibition there will be speeches, which have been written by the year 8 pupils who have taken part from Four Dwellings High School and Waverly School.

Last week some pupils from both of our schools went and had a look at our exhibition so far. We saw how it was being developed and how it all will come together as one big exhibition. When we went and saw it we didnt think it was going to be ready for today but we are sure it will be finished in time. We hope you will be able to attend the exhibition. Thankyou for reading all our blogs and Thankyou to all the staff who have supported us throughout this project. Without all of your support we wouldn’t be able to produce this exhibition.

This is another blog from Lucy and Raheem 🙂


Almost there !

Today we are here to talk about our progress in our children’s life project. So far we have taken  pictures, made blogs, recorded footage and interviewed people. We have almost completed all of our tasks which  is leading up to the GRAND OPENING of the new exhibit in the archive .

Thank you for reading stay tuned for more

Raheem and Lucy 🙂