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Lights, Camera…Action!

This post comes from Sima Gonsai, a filmmaker who has been working with the young people from Four Dwellings High and Waverley School on this project.

The filming days were really successful, we managed to gather interviews from all the allocated pupils and they shared their stories about the six themes, ranging from 20 to 60 mins. To record the interviews we set a green screen studio, which consisted of lots of equipment. Overall we had a large green screen, five stands, three lights, a tripod, camera and radio mics. We used a green screen because we wanted to be able to insert photographs behind the interviewees, exactly the same effect as you see on TV and the weather. It was quite a transformation to see an ordinary room being turned as a TV studio, I thought it looked very professional.

The recorders sat next to my camera and asked their questions whilst I filmed the interviews. My aim was to make sure the sound was sharp and that each interview was filmed using a variety of shots such as close-ups, slow zooms and wide-shots. Using different shots makes the interviews more engaging and helps the audience follow what is being said.

The recorders grew in confidence by the end of the week and even started to use their own questions to prompt more answers. Pupils answered the questions as best as they could, I can imagine it was quite nerve wracking in front of all those bright lights and people! We tried different interview techniques such as asking questions, having a conversation and describing experiences like a diary entry. Overall we got an abundance of stories about home life, school, hobbies, family life etc.

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the groups and looking forward to putting the graphics in the green screen. We shot over 8 hours of interviews so there is a lot of work to do yet!


The interviews have started.

On Thursday the 1st of December the Four Dwellings high school year 8 students recorded their interviews on what it is like to be a 21st century child. The interviews went very well from my point of view. The recorders did a great job and succesfully managed to edit and create our interviews.


the interview room!


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New news on the new library!

The new library located in Birmingam is carrying on with building more and more parts of the libary each day.The progress on the library is rapid and we should hopefully keep involved in the progress from the Birmingham city council library’s website Personally I think the new Birmingham library is going to be awsome.  All of the picturesI have seen make me want to know more about the library.

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