Group Session on the 14th of November- Waverley school

We have spilt into 4 groups here are the members:

Recorders:Ibrar, Saima, Maryam and Wajid.

Curators:Ishmail, Hasnain, Rafa and Fatima.

Archivists:Khalid, Adeel and Yusuf.

and finally we have the Communicators: Marya, Arbaz and Reyanne.

We would like to say what we have learnt on Monday 14th November at Birmingham Central Library.

The Recording group have learnt a few ways to record information. They learnt how to have a successful interview.They have learnt useful tips for a good interview.

The Archivists have learnt how to put information onto a computer program. The learnt how to sort categories and subcategories.

The Curators have learnt how to describe pictures and to describe the purpose of a picture. They also compared children’s lives today to the past.

The Communicators learnt about blogging and how to advertise an exhibition.

We are looking forward to continueing our project.

Signed: Marya and Reyanne.



One response to “Group Session on the 14th of November- Waverley school

  1. Hi Marya and Reyanne,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post – I’ve been so keen to find out what the other groups got up to on Monday! Well done for going away and researching what they had done. Look forward to seeing you at the next session. 🙂

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