Young Communicators!

It was my first session with the group from Four Dwellings High School today – I had so much fun meeting Raheem (Bob!) and Lucy and talking about the role we would play in the project.  We have such an important task – telling everyone inside the project (the curators, archivists, recorders groups at each school) and everyone outside the project (the public) – about what is going on.  Plus – planning the launch party for the exhibition! We made a mind map of all the different things we’d need to do:-

Communications tasks mindmap

To start with our main task will be writing the blog.  To gather information we will start interviewing people in other groups to find out what they are doing and why, and taking pictures of what they are getting up to.  We looked at a selection of blogs, newspapers and magazines and talked about the skills needed to make these sorts of publications.  We’re going to need some of the same skills for our blog! We started on a mind map about journalists and bloggers:-

Journalists and Bloggers Mindmap

Lucy and Raheem then wrote their own first blog post about the project and went away ready to interview young people from the other groups about their progress.

I’m looking forward to meeting the communications team from Waverly School next week!



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